Royals' Partnership & New Look

New 3 year plan established for Royals uniforms

DQ VG MacTavishs Partnership Photo

The Fredericton Peterbilt DQ Royals are giving Fredericton Minor Baseball Association's 12 competitive teams the Royal treatment.

The three-year deal has a number of key players.

The senior Royals, FMBA and DQ are working in coordination with Under Armour, MacTavish's Source for Sports, and Valley Graphics.

The partnership will unify and brand all the competitive-level FMBA Royals with new Under Armour royal blue jerseys and all teams will be branded DQ Royals moving forward.

Each team will have the option for a secondary major team sponsor as well.

The Fredericton Senior Royals/Nationals Tournament Committee and DQ will be funding the deal.

It's a financial commitment "in the low five figures," said Kristian Dewar, who wears two hats -- senior Royals president and DQ co-owner.

Dewar says it's an investment worth making.

"Fredericton minor ball was a huge supporter, from a volunteer perspective, for nationals," Dewar said. "The players and coaches were great -- from chasing balls to being batboys or being part of the tournament committee. Honestly, I don't know if we could have done it without them."

As a show of appreciation, Dewar said the senior Royals agreed some of the proceeds from the nationals should go towards FMBA.

"With the competitive-level Royals, there are a lot of different jerseys ... some baby blue, some royal blue, so having that uniformity in uniforms was something we identified as being a goal."

The plan came together over several months. Under Armour regional rep Jason Mackinnon will work in consultation with approved Under Armour supplier MacTavish, with Robbie Weale as the point man there. Once Weale gets the orders in, he sends it to Valley Graphics to add the Royals logos. 

This year the four AAA level teams -- 11U mosquito, 13U peewee, 15U bantam and 18U midget -- have received their new jerseys. AA teams will be next year and A teams will be in year three.

Last year, Under Armour announced a 10-year partnership deal with major league baseball, which starts in the 2020 MLB season.

"Under Armour is becoming huge," Dewar said. "We'll have their jerseys, hats, pants, hoodiesdri-fit shirts -- all their apparel -- for our teams. By 2019, we'll look the same from head to toe."

FMBA president Tim O'Hara says there are 11 competitive teams this year, and is optimistic a 15U A team will be in place by year three. Even so, those 11 squads have 139 players.

The association's overall registration total is 651, up 79 players from last season.

"The partnership between us and the senior Royals has been very beneficial to our members," O'Hara said.

Royals import Shane Kraemer will start five straight weeks of camps in July. As it is, "he already helps a lot," O'Hara said. "He comes out to practices ... as do Mike Washburn Jr., Jody Peterson, Corey Wood -- all of them help out, here and there."

O'Hara says that mentorship isn't lost on the young Royals.

"Everybody within minor baseball looks up to the senior Royals and aspires to play for them one day," O'Hara said. "This is a pretty big deal. It took a while to put in place and a lot of work on Kristian's part. It's something we very much appreciate."

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